MyWorld - Introducing Factions!

War has broken out in MyWorld with the introduction of Factions!

Any 'enemy', whether stock or custom-made, can now be assigned a faction via the trusty Enemy Stash dialog (Click on the little bag above an enemy when in edit mode). 

There are 4 factions: Enemy 1 (default for all enemies), Enemy 2, Enemy 3 and Player (all player characters are this faction).

All factions are hostile to the others, so for example Enemy 1 and Enemy 2 factions like nothing more than to pound each other into the ground. Any enemy on the Player faction will not attack players and cannot be hurt by players.

By default, enemies fighting each other will only do a small amount of damage to each other and never take another enemies health below half way. This allows for big battle scenes to take place and to keep on going, allowing the players to pick up the kills and get the loot. 

There is an option in the Enemy Stash, groups with the Factions called "Does full damage to non-players". If this is ticked then enemies will do normal damage to other enemies. This allows you to set up a "hero" scenario where one character will be substantially stronger than the others and overcome impossible odds - but also allows you to see how the fights play out, for example pitting 2 bosses (or more!) against each other. If an enemy is hit by another enemy that is doing full damage, that enemy will no longer yield any XP or a chance at loot for the player.

Healers like the shaman will heal his own faction (assuming they are within range of his heal), but not the players, even if he is in the player faction. Similarly any player healing such as the Paladins heal, will only heal players and not other characters in the faction.

When an enemy is in a fight with another enemy and on a different faction to the player, they will mostly stick to fighting that enemy (unless they kill them, then they will look for another victim!), If the player gets very close though the enemy may well turn their attention to the player/s.

You can listen to Ravey, lead Dev on MyWorld, talk you through factions here:

As well as factions we also squeezed in some fixes:

  • Turrets no longer shoot through walls or other objects
  • Sound effects have been improved to not allow the same sound to be played lots of times at once
  • Goblin Blaster explosion effects no longer has transparency issues

Let the battles begin!

And, if you haven't already looked at MyWorld, take a look here on Steam: