MyWorld becomes RPG World - and now with Character Progression

Not just a change of name - MyWorld has become RPG World!
In a move to better describe our sandbox RPG game maker, we have today re-named MyWorld to RPG World and introduced character progression to give users a better RPG gameplay experience.

We have also chosen to make the core RPG World product FREE to use, so we can increase the activity of our online multiplayer worlds and get more users visiting users creations. To make this work, some of the assets have been moved to a new 'Creative Pack' DLC. However, all existing owners of MyWorld will get The Creative Pack DLC for free, so won't lose any of their features or assets in the change over to RPG World.

Free Version of RPG World 
We always intended to make a free version so you could try RPG World before you buy, but as we worked on the addition we realised it would make more sense for the free and paying users to be part of the same universe. So now the base product is free with some restrictions; such as only being able to create two worlds, no ability to upload your worlds to the Steam workshop, and you can't add created characters to your own worlds.

Character Progression
Any good RPG game needs a form of character progression, so the player can choose how their characters evolve through the game. In RPG World you will now find a fully functional character progression system and for those who have amassed plenty of XP, you will be able to spend that XP in choosing the skills you want your character to have. We will expand the character progression system with more skills and buffs, and will listen (as always) to our community for ideas and guidance on what to include in future updates.

Huge speed boost
We have been hard at work making RPG World faster and are pleased to report that on the larger levels we have achieved over 300% speed improvement, taking a typically large level that ran at 14fps to over 60fps. Now there is no barrier to creating huge levels, even on a basic system or laptop.

The Creative Pack
Existing users will receive The Creative Pack DLC for free when they auto-update. New users of the Free core product will have to buy The Creative Pack DLC but this will grant users the ability to create unlimited worlds, plus upload an unlimited number of games to the Steam workshop and host games to share with others. Users will also be able to save the characters they create for use in the worlds they create and share.

The Year Ahead
2017 was a big learning curve for our small team and we managed to implement a huge update in a short time. We have some exciting things planned for RPG World in 2018 - adding more RPG elements, giving you deep control over the rules that govern your game levels and player progression and, as always, we'll continue to bring you more game assets for your creations.

We hope you enjoy the new RPG World - happy game making!