RPG World - Plains of the Nomad

As the sandstorm clears, before you lies the forgotten lands... The Plains of the Nomads.

Lost for centuries and regarded as nothing more than myth, yet you stand before it. The buildings are everything you imagined they would be, the splendour, the glory of this once powerful land. Awe turns to fear as a thought seems to creep up your spine. You begin to shake as both fear and excitement overcome you. Can the inhabitants of this lost land be here too? If the buildings and plant life look almost untouched as if they have been outside of time itself, perhaps he that is dark...Anubis and his followers still walk this land?

Perhaps this is your destiny? Maybe you are the one to find and defeat Anubis? Surely now the Plains of the Nomad are once against open to man, you have no choice but to press forward....

The RPG World - Plains of Nomad brings you a total of 74 high quality items from new character creator pieces to whole new buildings and enemies.

Here's a full list of the contents:

42 Character Creator Items

43 Editor items

  • Buildings
  • Temple
  • Temple without Anubis
  • Grand Walkway
  • Stone Shack 1
  • Stone Shack 2
  • Nomad Shack

Walls and Fences

  • Temple Pillar 1
  • Temple Pillar Broken
  • Sand Stone Wall 1
  • Sand Stone Wall Long
  • Sand Stone Wall Curved
  • Sand Stone Wall Pillar Cap
  • Sand Stone Wall Entrance
  • Stone Wall 1
  • Stone Wall Long
  • Stone Arch

Gameplay Objects

  • Nomad Portal

Big Items

  • Anubis Block
  • Anubis Statue
  • Anubis Eagle Statue
  • Stone Floor Circle
  • Stone Floor Square
  • Stone Floor Square Big

Small Items

  • Metal Pot 1
  • Metal Pot 2
  • Plant Pot 1
  • Giant Pot 1
  • Metal Lamp
  • Cushion 1
  • Cushion 2
  • Cushioned Stool



  • Golden Lamp
  • Artifact 1


  • Mummy 1
  • Mummy 2



  • Anubis



  • NPC Nomad 1
  • NPC Nomad 2



  • Stone Light
  • Arabian Wall Light



  • Palm Tree 1
  • Palm Tree 2
  • Palm Tree 3