RPG World is an action RPG adventure creator with built in worlds, ready to be conquered and kick start your imagination

Play Action RPG

Battle your way through enemies and quests in pre-made adventures
Learn enemy timings and use special abilities to smash apart your foes
Most world objects are breakable!

Create your own RPG World

Check out The Creative Pack for more assets
Great DLCs for themed assets
Easy to use Editor – quickly create worlds

Paint your own World

Get creative - totally change the feel of your worlds by painting its contents
From barrels to houses - let the paint flow!

Tell stories & set quests

Add depth to your worlds with NPCs
Create unique quest chains with kill and collect objectives
Tell stories with 'Dialog' options
Choose a faction for any character

Character Progression & Loot

Built-in progression skills increase your proficiency in health, stamina & luck
Collect loot from fallen enemies to boost your combat capabilities
Level up your characters in many ways

Mounts & Steeds

A stable of horses - ready for you to mount and ride through your games
Dusty old nags to armour-clad hoofed Satans

Hub World

Create, join, watch tutorials on 'RPG World TV'
Choose your hero character

Community & Steam Workshop

Steam Workshop gives you access to many worlds created by users
Join worlds or host your own via the HubWorld
Meet new players with in-game chat